We’re Paying You to Trade!

Increase your trading profits with next-day cashback of up to US$10,000 when you trade with PU Prime.

  • Earn as you trade: next-day rebates

  • Real-time updates of your rebate amount

  • The more you trade, the more you earn

  • Promotion can be activated anytime after April 8

For every trade made within the promotion period, receive a cashback of US$1.50 in your PU Prime account for every standard lot traded (calculated in increments of US$0.15/0.1 lot), up to a total of US$10,000. Simply deposit a minimum of US$2000 and start trading!


It’s More Rewarding to Trade with PU Prime

Register for the 100% Trading Bonus promotion and make trades to receive rebates of up to 100% of your deposit amount! Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Eligible Participants

    New & Existing Customers
  • Registration Period

    From 8 April 2022
  • Trading Period

    30 days, beginning from the day of activation
  • Result

    Instant next-day cashback

How to participate

  • 01

    Click on the “activate” button on the Promotions page in the Client Portal.

  • Deposit a minimum of US$2000 to begin. This promotion is only valid for the first deposit made during the promotion period. The larger the first deposit, the more rebates you are eligible for.

  • 03

    If successful, the Client Portal will begin displaying your accumulated cashback as you trade. (This amount will only appear on the Client Portal and not in the MT4/MT5 account)

  • Cashback will be deposited into your PU Prime account the following day.


Terms and Conditions

  • Both new and existing customers are eligible for the 100% Trading Bonus promotion.
  • Eligible account types: Standard Account, Islamic Standard Account. Accounts managed by PAMM and MAM accounts will need to open an additional account to participate.
  • This promotion is not open to: IB and Affiliate's personal trading accounts, Cents Account.
  • Participating products: Forex, Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil only.
  • Only new deposits made during the promotion period are valid for the promotion. This excludes internal transfers, refer-a-friend bonuses, and cash adjustments.
  • Orders held for less than 5 minutes will not be counted towards the number of valid lots required for the promotion.
  • During the promotion, if any of the following situations is encountered, the trading bonus will be automatically cancelled, and the promotion will end by default:
    • Any withdrawals or internal transfers from the participating trading account
    • The company detects any signs of abuse of the trading bonus program by the client’s trading account
  • PU Prime protects the privacy and security of customers, PU Prime reserves the right to final interpretation and can amend, suspend and terminate this campaign and any related rules and terms at any time. For any questions, please contact our customer service.

Other Terms and Conditions apply (Click to read more)

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